Live Music

  • Inside our bar you can always listening to good music thanks to our live concerts.
  • The good thing is that you can take a drink or play tarots during a live music concert target Hangar.
  • The musicians who play inside Hangar are people who are passionate about music and instruments, people who want to cheer others through their music and emerge with it.

Reiki Healing & Classes

corso reiki firenze
  • Reiki is an ancient art of meditation based on the total energetic rebalancing, able to identify the causes of physical and mental blocks, infusing energy and well-being.
  • In Japanese reiki means “spiritual energy”, composed of the word rei which means “spiritual” and the word ki which means “energy”.All that we are and the world we live in is made of energy and can be transmitted among people.
  • This discipline is based, in fact, on the transmission of spiritual energy from the operator to those subjected to it and goes to rebalance the altered states of the human organism.
  • The primary benefit first comes from the body being educated or re-educated to activate our natural healing process, and the mental sphere which will be immediately more relaxed and calm also benefits.


The main object of tarot is self-knowledge.

For the practitioner, the discovery of the other, his past, his present and his future is neither magical nor irrational, but rests on the extraction of a virtual and unconscious knowledge. Thus, in a positive practice, it is appropriate to remind the person that the future is in his hands. To encourage those who turn to this experience of power over life, should not be subjugated but, as the case may be, to understand, act or react.

the individual who is making this personal growth will change the formula of the question, from that fatalist and irresponsible (“What will happen to me?”) to the mature and responsible question (“What can I do?”).

Cajón Courses

  • The cajon is a musical instrument to be counted among the percussion. 
  • It originates in Peru. 
  • Its shape is identified by the name itself: cajón = cassette. In fact, it has the shape of a parallelepiped of about half a meter in height for thirty centimeters in width and depth and weighs about four kilos.
  • It is played by striking, mainly with your hands, the front face called Tapa.


  • Meditating helps to cut out a unique moment for us, to take care of ourselves.
  • The most important reason is that meditation helps not to listen to a thousand thoughts, one of the main causes of unhappiness.
  • Normally, we pay more attention to what happens outside of us than to ourselves and this makes us live badly.
  • The positive effects that meditation has on our brains are as varied as reducing stress, fear and anxiety, stabilizing mood, developing a sense of well-being and self-awareness.

Sound Massage

  • The energy of music can make the nervous system relax, because the power of pure sounds comes to where the body is blocked.
  • The sound massage is based on the effectiveness of ancient sounds that were used in the art of Indian healing.
  • In fact, today music therapy is widely used in medicine to come with numerous psychophysical disorders.
  • The sound massage can be declined in several variations because the choice of instruments to be used is wide. The common characteristics of the instruments are linked to their ability to extend the harmonic sound and its long duration.
  • The sound massage is particularly useful against disorders such as stress, insomnia, poor circulation, headaches, chronic fatigue or internal blockages.

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