Hangar is a place of conviviality; it is a meeting point for spiritual people, to enjoy live music.

It is an area of ​​freedom, built with trust and gentleness between each other. From this relationship of trust comes solidarity, the figure of Hangar’s social commitment.

Hangar wants to be a place for beauty, which is a different concept for each one of us. However, it  can have an extraordinary therapeutic force. The beauty of Hangar, its aesthetic appeal, wants to be a vehicle of health and a tool which brings the heart back to the centre, the strong emotion that arouses palpitations.

In the space of Hangar you can find references to the most varied religious traditions, proposing heterodox approaches and new mixtures, as well as the reception of new cults, absolute novelty in the panorama of the rites, new incursions into the sacred. Hangar wants to be an example of collaboration and coexistence among the religions.

Hangar wants to promote the values of the body, mind and relationship embodied in a convivial society.

We created a place where we fight the loneliness and the impotence to which we are condemned by possessive individualism that threatens our daily life. A struggle carried out with the tools of empathy and solidarity, which do not create hierarchies but networks, not trees but intertwining of roots.

We want to imagine a society where, in order to satisfy our needs and solve our problems, it is possible to turn to each other through social networks of solidarity, favoring the well-being and self-determination of people.

Hangar Firenze


Via dei Pepi, 43
50121 Firenze FI


📠 +39 333 400 6223

Opening hours


19.00 - 01.00


19.00 - 01.00


19.00 - 01.00


19.00 - 01.00


19.00 - 02.00


19.00 - 02.00


19.00 - 01.00

Visiting outside the opening hours can also be done, on request.

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